Thursday, May 21, 2015

Photo Essay (Ome Calli)*-*

The Fathers family had Ome Calli for 25 years in Mexico City.

At the beginning of getting their business going, it was difficult for them because they had two stores to run, save money and trying to buy more machines for the business.

They lasted 15 years to thinking about it and accomplishing it.

Ome Calli is a popular frozen treat place to go during the summer and every season, they have two locations one in Beaverton and here in Tualatin. Many people come a lot from Hillsboro just to try out the ice cream and treats they have.

 Ome Calli is opened all year long not like others that are only open during some seasons.

Owners of the business is a family of three, Casto, Claudio and her daughter Gillian.

To advertise the business to the people is by family and friends who already have gone there and by Facebook.

They also sell "Churros", popcorn, jello's and "Esquites" with mayo lemon and chili, they had coffee before but it wouldn't well that much so they took it off.

Casto and Claudio are original from "Tepoztlan", Mexico city.

Chamoyada is one of their famous drinks that they will sell more from a lot their other treats. its combined by the "Diablitos" and "Raspados" which a lot of latinos love them. They have about 40 different flavors.

Like the Chamoyadas is their best selling product, I asked for their ingredients; it has crushed ice in fruit or lemon flavor, sugar, "Chamoy", flattered chili and any kind of popsicle like mango, lemon, "tamarindo", and pineapple and for the last touch a "tamarindo" candy on top.

They have a snake on their wall and I was just curios why they did had that. so like they are from "Tepoztlan" there was a myth of "Quetzalcoatl" a feathered serpent and it was one of the gods from the "Panteon Mexica".

They're favorite treat that they like is the Chamoyadas, Coconut Ice Cream, Choco Mex and Mint.

What does Ome Calli mean? When they firsts started to think of a name for the business they tough of a symbol called "Dos Casas" (Two houses) on the Aztec Calendar or "Piedra de Sol", there was one years called Ome Calli (Dos casas).

Gillian likes to collect little tiny toys and put them on a shelve so kids can see them.

In that moment a customer had bought a Chamoyada and got the chance to see the steps...

Step 1: Choose the Popsicle you would like.

Step 2: Cover the edge of the cup with sugar and Tajin.

Step 3: Add any crushed flavor ice.

Step 4: Put in the Popsicle.

Step 5: Add Chamoy.

Step 6: Fill the Chamoy to the top.

Step 7: Grab a tamarindo candy.

Step 8: Put it in the cup.

Step 9: Keep adding Chamoy.

Step 10: Add sugar mixed with Tajin on the top.

Step 11: Take out the Popsicle, so all that has been added would go on the bottom.

Step 12: Add another tamarindo with chili straw candy.

Step 13: Add mango filled wit chili.

Step 14: Add dried fruit.

Step 15: Put in a spoon and...

It's Ready!